A chocolate birthday bash at the bus stop

19 May

Wednesday, May 18th 2011 was such a wonderful day. First of all, it was the birthday of Van Anh a colleague from Vietnam and also the weather was just great for the morning. I together with my colleagues (all ladies) set out to RNTC to begin our daily schedule for the day.

We walked through the beautiful all-green environment of Bussum Zuid and before I knew I was having fantasies of being the only guy among eight women from across the globe; global ladies I will call them. The ladies: Van Anh( the birthday girl from Vietnam), Nia (Indonesia), Maggie (Kenya), Christy (Nigeria), Tomoo (Mongolia), Vivian (Uganda), Omotola (Nigeria) and Shoeshoe (South Africa) were smartly dressed and wearing sweet smiles as well.

Before I got to the bus stop, the ladies were already having fun within that short moment they got there. Omotola handed over her camera to ‘a good Samaritan’ who offered to be their photographer.

As we were waiting for the bus, we got soaked up in the chewing of the day’s chocolate provided by Tomoo to kick-start the birthday party at the bus stop. Meanwhile, the photo shooting and exhibition still continued with the camera now within our reach. Different cameras moved around, all flashing to pick an image or two of the chocolate birthday party until the bus arrived.

It was a good morning experience to get us going and ready to meet the hectic day ahead. Perhaps, what we missed dearly at the time was the wonderful dance moves from Firos Khan (India)

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